Gentlemen Services

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Back or Chest Wax


Neck & Shoulder Wax







Gentlemen, please refer to our list of extensive facials within Guinot Facial Services.

Swedish Massage

Full body

1 Hour


Swedish Massage

Back & Neck

30 Minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

30 Minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

45 Minutes


Aromatherapy Massage

A specialised aromatherapy massage using essential oils.

Back, Neck, Face & Scalp

45 Minutes


Full Body, Face & Scalp

1 Hour 15 Minutes


Hot Stone Massage

Deeply relaxing massage using warm basalt stones, eases muscle tension while re-energising and balancing the body.

30 Minutes


1 Hour 15 Minutes



Pressure point foot massage. Stimulates energy pathways throughout the body promoting balance, harmony & well being.

45 Minutes


Ear Candling

A traditional and holistic treatment to soothe and decongest the ears and sinuses.

45 Minutes


De-Stress Package

Stress buster for men. Back & neck massage.

Mini booster facial, scalp massage.

1 Hour 30 Minutes


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